Member of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches

Pastor Gary Axtell and his wife Gina recently moved to Winterset from south Florida to pastor our church. They have seen God work in many lives in past ministry and are looking forward in faith to see God work here at Grace Baptist. They recently lost two of their three children, but that has deepened their faith in God’s strength, God’s peace and God’s promises. Through their loss, they believe God has further prepared them for ministry. There is a growing excitement in the congregation for the future under the leadership of Pastor Gary, but Pastor Gary and the congregation know that only God can change lives and touch hearts.


Grace Baptist Church was chartered in 1949 by a group of men and women who desired to have a church that recognized the Bible as the infallible Word of God that followed scriptural truth as presented in the Bible. They established Grace Baptist Church to intentionally preach and teach the truth of the Word of God and share the Good News of the gospel message with others. Grace Baptist Church continues with that purpose today and provides a place for individuals and members to worship God and provide fellowship and discipleship for believers in Christ Jesus. Grace Baptist Church has adopted a statement that clearly states the desire of the church, which is to: Glorify God, Love God and others, Abide in the Word of God and Disciple others to do the same (GLAD).

Grace Baptist Church aligned itself with the General Association of Regular Baptists in 1949, which continues today ( Grace Baptist Church is an independent church where the Pastor and members of the church have the freedom to act independently in all matters related to the church and is currently affiliated with the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches ( Grace Baptist Church also has a long history of supporting and helping develop the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp, located on the North Shore of Clear Lake, which continues today (