What is your policy concerning the Coronavirus?

We are following state/federal mandated regulations and we currently are worshiping as a congregation.

Tell me about your music?

We sing and play a combination of hymns and choruses.

Do you have home Bible studies?

Yes, we have two home Bible studies.

What can I wear to services?

We ask that people come dressed nicely and modestly. We don’t demand coats and ties for the guys or dresses for the women.

Tell me about your nursery?

We have a newly remodeled nursery that would impress any parent!

Do you have Children’s Church?

Yes we do have Children’s Church!

If I attend your church, do I need to stop drinking, smoking, carousing, cheating and drugging?

I would encourage you to attend and keep attending services and see what God does in your life. If God moves in your heart to begin to make changes, then I would suggest that you make those changes. Our congregation nor I as the pastor will dictate to you how to live your life, because God is working on us too!

Do you preach, teach and follow what the Bible says?

Yes, we do because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word and gives us everything, we need to live this life fully. The Bible also tells us specifically that anyone can know that heaven is their home! None of us claim to be perfect, but rather we all need God to continue working in our lives to live life the way God intended.